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Watermelon - Meaning of Dream

Watermelon is a symbol of the intellect, work and welfare. However, sometimes a watermelon can be interpreted in a negative way.

If you dream of a watermelon, which you buy in a market, this dream foretells you failures in love.

If you dream of cut watermelon, you will have new prospects in career and will be promoted.

If you dream that you cut watermelon personally, be ready for troubles, quarrels and conflicts with your management.

Presenting of a ripe watermelon in a dream means prosperity and longevity.

Dreaming of a car with watermelons is a sign of happiness. If you bite sweet ripe watermelon, be ready for luck and material gain.

If you buy a watermelon from a car, this dream is an indication of big transaction or inheritance.

Dreaming of unripe watermelon means that you will have health problems and minor difficulties.

If a woman dreams of a watermelon, she will get pregnant, if it is a dream with few watermelons - multiple pregnancy.

If you see a watermelon with a watery pulp under the hard peel, it means that your plans are groundless. Therefore, you better reconsider your goals, so you do not come upon a deep disappointment.

Dreaming of a watermelon without eating it, is a sign of speedy recovery. If a watermelon is green or pale pink – your recovery is still in the far future.

If you dream of watermelons growing on a plantation, it means that in this life you have reached everything you needed.

If a woman in a dream breaks a watermelon, she will have an abortion; if watermelon breaks itself – she will lose a baby.

If you eat a very sweet watermelon, be ready for the greatest pleasure. Most likely, you will experience or feel something quite extraordinary.

If you dream of a watermelon in the winter, you do not have enough intimacy and warmth.

If you sow watermelon seeds, be ready for joy and adventures. In a sexual life this dream foretells you unforgettable pleasures.

Watermelon can symbolize your internal contradictions. A giant watermelon, seen in a dream may indicate that in the future you will have international recognition and fame. If you dream that you slice a watermelon, in reality you need to be more generous and modest, in order not to offend people.