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Weasel - Meaning of Dream

A weasel in a dream is a symbol of cunning and friendship. A weasel in reality is a small animal, otherwise is referred to as the ermine. This animal is small and very beautiful, but predatory. Hence, the interpretation of a dream tells about somebody with responsive and friendly features in your environment. It is not worth believing this person, especially if he/she appeared in your life recently.

If you dreamed of a white weasel, you should pay attention to pets, and check their health. This dream heralds illness and even death of four-legged friend.

If you dream of a weasel with spots or grey color, the dream tells that you have to cheat in the important case. In business use unusual tactics; in the family become a good and appeasable foxy, a calm animal, which can achieve everything not with aggression and scandals, but with kindness, caring, and empathy.

If you dreamed of a weasel with aggressive behavior, it tells that an adult (almost old) woman is aggressive with you. Therefore it is necessary to be patient, do not respond to the provocation and malice. Otherwise, the conflict will last for many years, so it is better to conciliate differences.

If an animal licks your face or takes food from your hands, it foretells the appearance of a good and caring friend. Probably, the friend needs some support or gentle attitude. This person will not leave you alone in the lurch; he/she will always come to the rescue, so you shouldn’t forget this fellow.

A weasel, playing with your partner or a child, portends protection of a strong man. He will help to solve suddenly surging problems, and will contribute to the advancement of your career. At such moments you should also arrange romantic evenings and talk more with loved ones.