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Weather - Meaning of Dream


According to David C. Loff’s cyclopedia of dreams, we should pay attention to the dreams with unusual weather. For example, if it is snowing in summer or pouring cats and dogs only on your house. Your attitude to the world and vice versa is revealed through these images. If there are some changes in it, it will be reflected in your dreams. Seeing depressing weather outside in your dream tells about your dark view of your present and future life; obviously, there are things you aren’t satisfied with, you’ve lost hope for something, your expectations haven’t justified themselves, etc. Surroundings change will help you to arrange your thoughts and make up a new plan of next actions. If there is fine weather in your dream, it has an opposite interpretation correspondingly - you’re satisfied with everything that happens around you. So, enjoy and don’t stuff your head with unnecessary thoughts. Try to remember whether the weather in your dream didn’t ruin your plans to accomplish something or vice versa (it helped you to implement your intentions).

If you are paying attention to the weather in your dream, it signifies that you aren’t confident in your success. You consider the last one as a temporary phenomenon in your life. With such an attitude you do everything half-steam because you don’t believe that your success depends directly on you and your efforts. You’re wrong. Our belief in something or somebody plays a significant role. Our belief in the better future really makes it better.

Reading or hearing a weather forecast in your dream implies that you’ll be wrapped up in thoughts. On their basis, you’ll have to make a serious decision which will, probably, affect your and your family’s future. So, treat it seriously. Your negligence may be fraught with great loss of money, time and efforts. Weigh all pros and cons; advise somebody you trust and consider a conscientious person; try to look at the situation from different angles.

Also, such a dream forebodes conflicts inside your family. Don’t think that petty conflicts don’t touch your family members on the raw. Sometimes, they affect to the same degree as the big ones. Usually, they leave after-pains. When they accumulate, the attitude to some person changes forever. If there is an opportunity to avoid or smooth some quarrel over, grab it.

If meteorological conditions have changed for the better, don’t wait – start bringing your ideas to life. You’ll be successful both in amorous and business affairs. Time couldn’t be more favorable for some changes.