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Wedding - Meaning of Dream

Wedding is a symbol of a very significant change that will occur in your life. What exactly will it be, depends on what kind of a dream you have seen.

To dream of wedding guests, symbolizes the big family happiness. But if all the guests at the wedding are dressed in black, then you will experience sad event in your live, your family life will not be happy.

To dream of a wedding with an old woman or an old man, the dream suggests that success in business will not come to you soon. This image symbolizes your slowness in implementing of plans or important business. If you continue to procrastinate, you risk missing the chance to finish your business successfully.

Merry wedding, on which you were invited in a dream, portends new acquaintances that may be fatal, and will play an important role in your life.

If you dream of own wedding, at which you are a groom or a bride, it means that you should be ready to stunning success. Perhaps some undertaking will be widely known and will become very popular.

If you dream of preparation for the wedding ceremony or an invitation to someone's wedding, this dream is a symbol of a bargain/purchase in the near future.

If someone asks you whether it is true that you are going to get married, be ready for changes in your life, as it heralds the emergence of a new lover.

For a young girl, to dream that she is getting married secretly, it means the emergence of unnecessary gossip about the moral character of the girl.

If a bride dreams that her groom is getting married to another girl, it promises groundless jealousy.

If the celebration is fun and defiant, it means that your life will be full of fun, happiness and love.

For a woman, to act as the bride, is a sign of her hidden desire to be always in the limelight. Maybe in real life she lacks recognition from men.

For a man, to be a groom at own wedding, means pressure from his bride in real life. Maybe she has long been waiting for offers from him and now she finally dares to go to take decisive action.

If a man sees a pregnant bride in their wedding, it means that soon his girlfriend will become pregnant in reality. For a married guy, this news will bring only joy, but for a bachelor, it will be a problem.

Noisy wedding, which has a huge number of guests, is a prognostic of good financial perspective. Probably soon you will receive a favorable offer that will bring real success in business. If you are an employee, perhaps you might have a good opportunity to start own business.

Own wedding, where there is nobody except the couple and witnesses, means a major quarrel with loved ones. Banal misunderstanding of each other can lead to a real war, after which the former friends will become enemies.

Refusal of a groom to marry his bride right before the altar means that the woman will soon be faced with unfair accusations. It will be very difficult to restore the truth, so you can stay with tarnished image for the rest of your life.

If a man dreams of own wedding, where the bride at the last moment refuses to get married, in reality he needs to restore order in own thoughts. Perhaps he does not know how to set specific goals in life, so any initiative fails.

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