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Weeping willow - Meaning of Dream

Weeping willow symbolizes grief, so if you had a dream about this tree, you will have sad thoughts and melancholy mood. Lonely weeping willow bended over the water portends the events associated with the loss of people dear to a dreamer. This may be the separation from the family and loved ones, or even more unpleasant events. This dream is a hint about the need to avoid unnecessary acquaintances. This is especially true the next few days after the dream. If you dreamed of a lot of trees in the period from Friday to Sunday, and among them you saw a lonely weeping willow, it portends mourning. On other days this dream warns of financial loss. If you are planting a willow, it tells that you are tired of the business and you need rest.

According to Miller, a willow portends a trip associated with sad events. In a difficult situation your friends will help you. With their participation, you can assess the situation, not only through the negative aspects. If you planted a weeping willow – get ready for family quarrels and misunderstandings. If you climbed on a weeping willow tree, it portends an interesting journey.

If you cut down a willow or sawed it on the wood, then soon you will receive good news. Typically, such a dream predicts significant cash receipt.

Vanga interpreted a dream in which you planted a willow under the windows of your house, as a sign of upcoming misfortune. If you pluck off willow leaves and cut branches, it bodes problems associated with the environment. Most likely, it will affect you personally.

If a weeping willow fell, be prepared for a terrible environmental disaster. The drops of water dripping from willow branches hint that you will be able to improve own health, and find peace of mind, if you pay more attention to nature.