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Werewolf - Meaning of Dream

Werewolf – is a mythological creature that can transform from a man into a monster or vicious animal. In legends a meeting with the werewolf portends nothing good. Man-werewolf after transformation turns into a scary bloodthirsty creature, dangerous and treacherous.

However, the dream with a werewolf can be interpreted depending on the circumstances that accompanied the appearance of a werewolf in a dream.

Werewolf in a dream can mean that somebody is cheating on you or is hiding something from you. This dream foretells communication with deceitful man who wants to gain the confidence and get closer to your money and valuables.

If your dream you have won a battle over the werewolf and were not scared, you can rest easy, nobody will be able to take anything from you.

If you see yourself in the role of a werewolf in a dream, it is a warning that you entered on the slippery slope of deception or got involved in risky cases involving violation of the law. You need as soon as possible to get out of this situation; otherwise the business can end up very badly for you.

Before you find out what a werewolf means in the dream, try to remember the details of the dream. It is very important what kind of feelings you experienced during your sleep. If a creature has caused you fear, terror and panic, the dream is interpreted from a negative point of view.

If you meet a werewolf in you dream calmly, confidently behaved, and the meeting with it ended up well for you, it is a good sign. All unpleasant situations will be resolved for your benefit. External factors also play role in the interpretation of the dream.

If you dream of a werewolf, who changes it appearance several times and laughs at you, it portends trouble. Soon you will have to deal with people who you do not like, but you'll have to communicate with them.

If you dream of running away and hiding from a werewolf, it means that you are trying to ignore the problems of life, pretending they do not exist. However, the problem will not go away, and you will have to correct the situation and its consequences in any case. If this dream is repeated several times, it means that the problems have already accumulated and the situation around you is heating up.

The appearance of a werewolf in a dream may portend a betrayal of a loved one. In the near future should not trust even the closest. Werewolf also can mean an unexpected turn of affairs, so pay more attention to what.

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