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West - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of the "West", be ready for changes in the personal matters. This dream promises the emergence of a loved one who will give you the moments of joy and happiness that can fill your life with meaning and new developments. However, if a woman had such a dream, she should beware of man’s favors of obscene nature. For a man, this dream predicts a meeting with a girl, who will set comfort and peace in his home.

Analyzing, what can west mean, you should take into account that the sunset in the west could mean spiritual rebirth and change of life goals. If there are people in such a dream, soon you will have a joyful event associated with a wedding or a birthday. If you see an animal in such a dream, you will meet an old friend. You may also go on an interesting tour in other countries and get familiar with their traditions and customs. Moreover, after a dream about West, your well-being will significantly increase, especially in financial terms.

However, if you were admiring the sights, you must be careful not to miss some of the terms associated with your career growth. Also, this dream indicates the possibility to disappoint friends and relatives by own behavior, so you must be careful and vigilant.

In the Jewish dream book, West has several events, which vary by season. Thus, a dream about West in spring portends unexpected luck, summer dream foretells vanity, in autumn it will bring life changes, and winter promises a promotion or beginning of a new business.

If you dream of West wind, be ready for news from distant lands, but if it was a strong gust of wind - it is better not to make major transactions so as not to be disappointed.