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Whale - Meaning of Dream


A sign of a whale in your dream can be interpreted both as a good and bad sign. It may stand for changes in your life, temporary misfortunes, your business success, ability to take right decisions rapidly, celebrations, etc. To learn when it can be deciphered these ways, please, proceed to the article below.

If you’re seeing a whale that is just swimming in an ocean, it forebodes you great changes in your life. At first, they will be frightful for you. But having weighed all pros and cons for each event, you’ll understand that it is what you need. These changes may concern different spheres of your life. One change will lead to another. They will be not only material, but also spiritual. You’ll be entirely renewed. Your world view will be also changed. May these changes be only for the best.

Also, seeing a whale in a dream betokens important acquiring or a purchase.

Being aboard a ship/boat and seeing a whale near is an omen of misfortune. There’ll be much to worry about. In particular, you’ll have difficulties at work and financial problems. But you shouldn’t give up and let everything run itself. On the contrary, you must harness all your willpower and be ready to take determined decisions against all the odds. The problems you may be confronted by can be solved. Only then the stuff will sort itself out.

A dream where you are taking part in chasing for whales indicates that you’re ready to do anything to satisfy your ambitions. Upon the whole, it is a good quality to be ambitious. It can help you to succeed in life greatly. Your success may be won at any cost though. Remember that there are lines you cannot cross.

Seeing that you’ve managed to kill a whale in your dream signifies that you’ll take a right decision. It will play an important role on your road to success.

If in your dream you’re swimming together with the whales, it betokens that soon there’ll be a situation where you’ll have to take a decision and find your bearings very quickly. If you don’t cope with this, it may be fraught with negative consequences – financial hardship, losing a job, coming down in people’s and your own opinion, etc. What you need is to be always attentive and not be afraid of radical approaches toward resolving a problem. Furthermore, being guided by your intuition may help you with this.

If in your dream you’re swimming aboard a whale, it stands for a joyful event, a surprise or some gay celebration. Lucky you!

If in your dream a whale is turning your boat, it bodes you sorrow and misfortune in the nearest future. You’ll outwear it and become stronger and wiser than before.

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