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Wheel - Meaning of Dream


If you dream of two wheels, coupled with each other, it indicates that your secret desires will soon come true, and the person whom you like with respond to your feelings.

But what if you had a dream where you have found a wheel in the wheat field? This dream suggests that someone, who likes you, will present you a nice gift that will be remembered for a long time and will be the first step to living together, and can help to realize some desires both of you.

If you dream that a wheel came off a car or a truck - it's a bad sign. It means that someone of your new friends, whom you trust, is a traitor. You shouldn’t let this person close to too. If you do not make attempts to stop contacting with this person completely, or at least reduce his/her impact on you, it may be a big problem for you in a career (or in personal life, depending on who that person is).

Symbol of the wheel as the sun is one of the oldest. It has existed since the days of paganism and is represented as an abstract image. A dream, in which a wheel is the main symbol in the interpretation, portends something more generalized, light and bright, than something precise and clear.

Quite many people associate the infinity of a wheel with the infinity of life, with its moral immortality, hence there is such a variety of interpretations of a dream about a wheel.

If you see a dream, in which you sit on a cart with very big wheels, you will receive some news about a person, whom you have unsuccessfully looked for a long time.

A dream, in which you are trying to pull away on a cart with a horse, but then you notice that the wheels are blocked with sticks inside, portends great problems and troubles in the near future. Perhaps, people who seemed to be friends will oppose you in some affairs.

If you dream of taken apart wheel, it is necessary to be ready for the unexpected requests for help from strangers.

Dreaming of a wheel that is spinning fast is a sign of the upcoming big changes. If it spins slowly or does not spin at all, it means that you will have a small material loss in the near future.

A broken wheel in a dream is a sign of failure in career. If you dream that you lubricate a wheel, you will have a big profit in the near future.

If you see a dream about a wheel several times, it indicates that you will make an important decision, as a result of which you will reach harmony in inner world and in your surrounding. All problems will be solved by a live chat and new friends, and most importantly, optimistic attitude towards life.

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