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Whirlpool - Meaning of Dream

Whirlpool is representation of a dangerous period, which will begin in your life very soon. Events will change very fast, and there will be no chance to correct the mistakes. If in reality you don’t pay attention, you risk being seriously injured.

If you dream of a small whirlpool, you will need to spend own strength for unnecessary events that don’t bring joy or income. At this time, you should refrain from travels, because it can turn to be a disaster for you.

If you notice somebody drowning in a whirlpool, it is a prognostic that in real life he/she can encounter a difficult situation, or even an accident.

Miller said that whirlpool in a dream foretells lots of work in difficult conditions, betrayal of friends, and misunderstanding with close people, in addition your work colleagues will desire to be accepted at your position. You can easily overcome such times with dignity, if you will work hard and do not trust anyone to make decisions for you.

Vanga stated that swirl can be a symbol energy and force in reality. It all depends on what feelings you experienced in a dream. If you feel fright when swirling in a whirlpool, it symbolizes the impending danger. Be careful - someone tries to spread rumors and intrigues, and your reputation may suffer. If you dream you swim out of the whirlpool, then all difficulties will be solved at a time.

Swirl in the dream book by Freud, for a married woman is a herald of difficult pregnancy and labour. For men it is a harbinger of depression and heavy boondoggle. If you see yourself with a partner in a whirlpool in a dream, be ready for an opponent and possible separation.

If you are on a pond and see a huge whirlpool, which draws all sorts of things: the wreckage of boards, logs, etc. - you'll find yourself in a whirl of dust very late.

If you notice that your friends sinks in a whirlpool, there is a danger that the trouble will happen to you in the short trip.