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Whirlwind - Meaning of Dream

If you get into the circulation of whirlwind, being completely trapped in its epicenter, it foreshadows your participation in a secret plan.

Sandy vortex in your dream, suggests that you find it difficult to make a choice in the important matter. You have a lot of options, but for now you can’t determine which one is correct.

If you dream that you are struggling in a strong whirlwind, then in reality you are doing everything possible to solve present problems.

If you feel like a whirlwind twirls you, it signals of risk of financial loss. This dream warns that now it is not the best time to invest money in serious projects.

If you watch the strengthening of vortex which suddenly becomes a real hurricane, destroying everything on its way, it is a good sign. This dream says that your actions will be accepted and understood in society. You will be assisted and it will help you to overcome all obstacles on the way to your goal.

Miller stated that regular small whirlwind is a symbol of small trouble. If you are trapped in it, then it is necessary to pay attention to your friends - some of them are not sincere and want to harm you. Powerful destructive whirlwind is dreamed by those who unnecessarily get anxious and confident in instability of the surrounding world. In fact, these fears are groundless.

If you dream that you are captured and whirled by strong vortex, there is a risk to get involved in the venture. This can cost you a lot. Such a dream warns that in any financial transaction it is necessary to calculate all the consequences.

If you dream of subsiding whirlwind, in reality you will seriously worry. If you only hear the sounds of a powerful vortex, it portends useless trip.

In a dream book by Vanga, whirlwind is an unfavorable omen. A dreamer, who saw a whirlwind, will have to go through a natural disaster or other catastrophe. If you dreamed of a water vortex, it is a probability of a great flood. You can eliminate its consequences only by joint efforts.

If a whirlwind lifts up pieces of land, it is possible that a dreamer will go to war, which will cause a huge number of casualties. If a whirlwind lifts you into the air and carried away, it means that natural disasters bring big trouble into your house.

If you dream that a vortex breaks trees, it signals of successful efforts to achieve goals and overcome all obstacles.

If you see a whirlwind in a dream at night from Monday to Tuesday, it means that somebody is hiding something from you, but the mystery will be solved soon.

If you see such a dream at night from Friday to Saturday, it means that someone shows excessive curiosity towards your affairs.