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Whiskey - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming as if you drink whiskey signals of your desire to achieve own goals by any means, and even disappointments along the way can’t stop you. Perhaps somebody, who appeared in your life recently, will change the course of events. Special meaning this dream has at Wednesday or Friday night. It predicts that you will achieve all your plans, but still you'll be disappointed.

If you see how others are drinking whiskey, it is a harbinger of some celebration, which will be accompanied by noisy feast.

If you were drinking whiskey all alone, your exaggerated ego will deprive you of many good friends and acquaintances.

If you dream of a bottle of whiskey, then soon you will proceed to take action aimed at the realization of personal interests. Broken bottle of whiskey predicts loss of favor of the people around you. The reason for that will be your wrong demeanor. If you saw a huge bottle of whiskey, you firmly and calmly sustain the surprises of fate prepared for you in foreseeable future. And if you feel the strong smell of whiskey, in reality you will have some misunderstandings in difficult situation.

Being intoxicated by whiskey, in the dream book by Miller, is interpreted as upcoming noisy and fun pastime with good friends. You will spend a lot of time and money on dubious pleasures, after which you might find yourself exhausted and completely overwhelmed.

If you were strongly offered to drink a sip of whiskey, in reality you will have disputes about property and quarrels with relatives. If you refused to drink whiskey and generally stopped drinking alcohol, this dream indicates the improvement of your material and social status, with the results of which you will be satisfied.

If you buy a bottle of whiskey – don’t even expect that your dreams will come true.