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Whistle flute - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a whistle flute, it signals of the fact that it is time to abandon the frivolous love romance and random affairs and start building a relationship with the person to whom you have strong romantic feelings. Also a whistle flute in a dream is a warning that if you can’t deny the forbidden personal relationships, you are likely to face loss and quarrels with loved ones.

If you listen to someone playing a pipe, it is a good omen that promises fun and joy. Soon you will meet with your best friends and will have a great time in a great warm company.

If the girl heard the sound of flutes, in the near future, she will meet a handsome young man who will charm her with his elegant manners, good education and inclusive education.

If you play a pipe in a dream, it is considered as a bad sign. In a short time your beloved one will be threatened by a serious danger; but despite of your worries you won’t be able to change or affect the situation.

If you dreamed of a broken pipe, it portends that you will have a miraculous escape from a serious misfortune and will not even pay attention to this fact. However, a little later, you'll know what the danger was about, and will sincerely thank fate for the miraculous escape.

Miller interpreted the sounds of a flute as evidence that in the near future fate will present you a few pleasant surprises. Your close friends will finally visit you, and will make you feel that someone still needs you. Also, it is likely that soon you will have a real chance to conclude a bargain or swing a profitable deal. For a young girl, the flute sounds promise acquaintance and relationship with a pleasant young man.

According to Freud a dream, in which you played a pipe, is a hint that on a subconscious level you aspire to diversify your intimate life, to experiment in bed and to have new experience. You should not be afraid and hide own desires; take the initiative, and your relationship with your partner will develop to a new level.

If you just sit and listen to somebody playing a whistle flute, it indicates that you are not satisfied with own sexual relationship. You want something new and unusual, but he/she can’t understand what exactly. You secretly hope that your partner will understand your desires and completely ready to let him take the initiative.