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Whitewash - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you whitewash the walls of a house in which you live, it is a symbol of the imminent move out to other accommodation. If you dream that you whitewash something in a hurry, it means that your reputation is tarnished by unseemly affairs which you want to hide from strangers. Be careful: even if you manage to fool your close people, still you might have a conflict with your conscience.

If you got splattered during whitewash, it is a harbinger dirty rumors and gossip, but you have the power to justify and prove your innocence, the main thing is to watch out for proper moment.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you whitewash something, it is a sign of a festive event, which will make you happy, but will require active participation. If you see how your house gets updated after a whitewash, it means that your personal affairs will improve, and you may even change the place of your residence and go abroad.

Vanga stated that if a sick person whitewashes the walls of a hospital ward, it is a sign of his/her fast recovery and discharge from the clinic. If you observe someone whitewashing, it means that people you know will have changes in life. If you buy whitewash in a dream it is a very good sign - there is a chance to start a new life from a scratch, changing your habits for the better.

Whitewashing dirty corners of your house, according to Freud's dream book, is a chance to become reconciled with relatives and friends. But in order to reach this you should take the first step, to apologize and to guarantee that you’ll get rid of negative habits. If you whitewash a room and there is not a single dark spot left, it means that you will bring back your loved one who was lost because of irrationality. If it is impossible to whiten the dirt because after each of your stroke it appears again, it means that your partner will not be able to forgive your infidelity and will leave you forever.

For a lady this dream – means that she will use her female cunning and will undertake any trick in order to retrieve relations with her partner. There is a big possibility she will be successful in her attempts.