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Wicket - Meaning of Dream

Wicket-gate is a symbol of home and hospitality. However, in a wider figurative sense, it is a doorway, some kind of a pass. In the opinion of many nations a door or a gate makes the border between the worlds.

If you open a wicket, it states that you will have a burst of energy in real life. You will have a desire and opportunity for new achievements. If you say goodbye to someone at the gate, you will be disappointed. Someone of your loved ones will cause your worries and serious nervous tension. You can prevent this condition, if you timely talk to this person.

If you dreamed of a wicket gate with a guest standing in it, such a meeting predicts the emergence of news. The news will depend on the appearance of the guest. Pleasant guest portends the good news. If the guest caused your irritation, the news will not be happy.

If you walk through the wicket gate, in reality you will have an adventure. A young girl after this dream can prepare a wedding dress.

If the wicket creaks, this dream portends alert, which will gradually overtake a dreamer, and which is important to resist. Panic will only worsen the situation, and positive approach can make you relax and give rest.

The broken wicket warns that a dreamer must be attentive to the family members. Otherwise, someone of them will soon require assistance. This can affect family relations not in the best way, so you will need to intervene.

If you see a huge lock on a wicket, it portends that you will get a denial in some affair. Perhaps it will be related to the matter of your initiative, which will end up in the loss of reputation in the eyes of your colleagues. If you dream of a wicket, which is hardly sticks to the butt, it tells that you are an open-hearted person; however you treat your life irresponsibly.