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Widow - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of being a widow, it means that you might suffer from evil rumors because of different insignificant matters.

To be married to a widow in a dream means that the plans which a dreamer had nurtured for so long time will bring him grief.

In general widow in a dream means nuisance; to see a young widow means to experience unexpected luck; old and ugly widow – to face unpleasant person.

To be a widow means to have joy, prosperity, and good changes.

If you marry a widow you might have a rich inheritance. If you fall in love with a widow, it means that you will have a carefree life.

A dream with widow foretells you interesting romantic connections that can transfer into a serious and lasting relationship. But do not forget about the work, otherwise you can put an end to own career. If in a dream you and the widow are present at the funeral of her husband, then you will have to choose between own pleasure and happiness of a loved one in real life.

A merry widow means that you will meet an unprincipled person, who only expects to meet own quirks and ambitions.

If a widow is crying, the dream foretells you the betrayal of a wife or a girlfriend. But don’t blame only her, there is also your fault - you pay too little attention to your beloved one.

If you see your own wife as a widow - you will travel, and the trip will be full of dangers and surprises.

If you see a widower in a dream, you will receive news and surprises. For a young man, to be a widower, means that he has to be ready for serious disease of his wife.

If a young woman is engaged with a widower, this dream means that she will have many admirers who will cause troubles and afflictions.