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Wife - Meaning of Dream

If a man had a dream about his real wife, it portends that he will be forced to rethink own plans for the future, because he will realize that he moves in the wrong direction. The same dream may be a herald of the period of stagnation in the affairs caused by disappointment and lack of confidence.

If the wife was smiling, this situation does not entail serious problems and soon the dreamer will regain his usual enthusiasm.

If a dreamer was a wife, it tells that unfinished matter will have its effect on dreamer’s life. In order to find the way out of this situation, she will have to get a jerk on. Often this dream foretells family scandal, and even physical abuse.

If you are the wife with pockmarked face - you'll get a good profit, gain, or an interesting business proposition.

If you are happy because you are a wife, it tells that in the next few days you will be very lucky.

If you are a quarrelsome wife and you start scandals with your husband in a dream, this story predicts that your actions in real life will not please your family. Such a dream can also predict that some events will cause your life losing the normal rhythm.

A pregnant wife in a dream is an omen of possible pregnancy in reality, the labor will be successful the energy will be restored very fast. For a man, this dream is also a harbinger of positive changes in financial sphere. If he lies down next to his pregnant wife in a dream, it portends pleasant events and fulfillment of hopes.

If a man dreams of his wife betrayal, it portends small disagreements in family. Sometime a betrayal is interpreted as a possible fire, so a dreamer has to be careful. Moreover, wife’s betrayal signifies not only quarrels between spouses, but also some tricks and intrigues on behalf of friends and colleagues. The dreams about women’s betrayal are not very often, and if a dreamer happened to see it, this dream indicates his big desire to experience adrenaline buzz.

Wife is a symbol of nostalgia for earlier times, if the dream was about ex-wife. Most likely, the dreams of such content are the result of your daily worries and memories.

The dreams about friend’s wife, as a rule have two interpretations. Soon after the dream you will receive some news about this friend. Another meaning – is your sexual interest to his wife.

If you dream of your own cheerful and healthy wife, the state of affairs will please you. If she was tired and sick, you have to be ready for new problems or hassle.

A dreaming about your friend’s pregnant wife portends an actual pregnancy. If you dream of your wife’s labor, it foretells a new stage in the relationships. The dreams of such content indicate that a dreamer is ready to be a father in reality.

If a man is getting ready for a new marriage and he dreams of his dead ex wife, the interpretation will depend on her behavior. If she walks silently around the rooms replacing some objects from one place to another, it portends that a dreamer has to change something in his life. If a man happened to see his dead wife somewhere on the ruins, it foretells that his affairs might collapse.

If she washes the walls and paints the floor, the dream says that a man will soon move out. If she cries because of a dreamer, he will have severe life test. If a dead wife presents something to her husband, it bodes the improvement of financial condition.

If she feeds the birds with corn, it tells that a dreamer will soon receive news from far relatives. If a dead wife prepares a dinner and serves a table for several people, it portends the arrival of unexpected guests.