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Willow - Meaning of Dream

To hold a willow spring in hands is a good dream that foretells honors and awards for successful and fruitful work.

If you see a willow bended over the water, it portends you troubles and difficult days. If you dream of a weeping willow that dropped its branches down, it signals of family grief.

If you see a willow in blossom, it gives you the chance to atone for all bad deeds.

Dreaming of a broken willow tree, signals of separation with a beloved one.

If you see willow branches in the church, it foretells you marriage, yours or someone of your close surrounding.

Generally, dreaming of a willow states that destiny is on your side now. Luck turned face to you, and you will succeed no matter what you start. You should enjoy this period of time, as they say, rest on laurels.

If you see like someone cuts or breaks a willow, it represents your deep sense of guilt towards some of your friends or family members. Your fault is not imaginary, you're really guilty, and your subconscious reminds you about it in a dream, so it is better to make amends.

If you put willow branches in the water, it reflects your irritation with lack of time; in this respect you can’t manage affairs well. It seems that things go wrong and there is no way to arrange it. But actually you have to concentrate on the essentials, discarding all nonessential.

To present willow branches to a member of your family demonstrates his/her request for your help. Try to look around and distinguish a person who needs you and do not refuse to help.

If you sell a willow tree on your streets, you will accidentally find yourself as a witness of someone’s life drama. Even if you want to ease the suffering of that person, still he/she will have to do it alone.