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Wind - Meaning of Dream


Wind in your dream symbolizes life changes you’ll experience very soon.

It is important to remember how strong the wind was in your dream. This detail is a key factor in an exact interpretation of this dream. If in your dream wind is blowing from the north, it denotes that a person is better to get ready to difficulties in his/her career or domestic life. The same interpretation has a dream in which you are battling against the wind. Be more attentive then. There may be people around you who want to sideline you. Be also attentive to your family. Spending more time with them, you can avoid unpleasant and totally unnecessary misunderstandings. If you are feeling warm southern wind in your dream, it foreshadows that it’ll be within your strength to cope with all problems on your way. Consequently, you’ll gain success both in business affairs and private life. A symbol of warm wind in your dream is a bright example that if a person doesn’t give up and make efforts to implement his/her plans despite different pitfalls, he/she will necessarily be rewarded.

Using power of wind in your dream (for example, for a mill, sailboat or kite) suggests that a long-waited opportunity will at last find itself in your hands. Don’t miss it. It is your lucky ticket to well-to-do future.

If wind in your dream is so biting that it is almost carrying you away, but you are still trying to resist it, it means that you shouldn’t hope for favorable changes in your life in the nearest future. The fortune will pass you by. You’ll probably fall on evil days. But don’t hang your head down. It is a temporary period in your life. But if you’re standing straight despite severe wind that is blowing in your face, it forebodes respect and honor toward your person.

Feeling a strong stream of wind in a dream indicates that you’ll change very soon due to some circumstances or people. You’ll become different not only physically, but you’ll also change inside. Your world outlook, attitude to people, the system of values, priorities, perception of the world will be different. These changes will be totally positive for you.

If there is slight wind in your dream, it bodes increasing of your income and improving your welfare.

If there is tail wind in your dream, it implies that your friends will eagerly help you if you ask to. With their help you’ll overcome any obstacle. Remember their kindness when they are in need for your help.

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