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Wine - Meaning of Dream

Wine, is a symbol of guilt. If you are drinking wine in a dream, it warns that someone makes intrigues behind your back. You are accused unjustly.

If you refuse to drink wine which you have already carried to your lips, it means that you will be able to avoid trouble.

Spilled wine promises gossip.

Glass of wine will bring a joyful meeting, a bottle of wine or a few bottles, predict failure or accident.

If you sell wine, it means that you will quarrel with someone.

If you see wine in your dream, but you do not drink it, portends good things. To drain wine in a large container, it means good luck and laughter. To pour wine from one glass to another, it promises wasting time on empty entertainment.

If you make or produce wine in your dream, and wait till it brew, it means that in the near future your affairs will improve. You can get an unexpected inheritance or a large sum of money.

If you dreamed of wine and can distinguish its colors (red or white), it means that soon your life will be filled with joy and wealth.

To dream of an apple wine, means losses and sorrows. Invitation to drink wine promises sad events.

If you pour a glass of red wine, it means that your personal relationships are in disorder. If you pour the white wine, it means that relations with people will bring happiness and understanding.

If you meet a vintner in your dream, it means a meeting with bad people that can deteriorate your reputation.

If in the dream you drink wine alone, it means that you will receive some bad news; if you drink wine in a large company, it means failures and quarrels.

If wine is cloudy, it means that you will be annoyed by bad news.

If you get drunk because of red wine in a dream, it means that you will have a powerful patron, and will receive honors and richness.

If you became drunk because of white wine, it means, that you will achieve everything in life with own efforts.

Drinking wine with a friend predicts good deal, big profit. Drinking wine with enemies means move out or change of your address.

There is also a bad interpretation of wine in the dream, if you spilled it on the tablecloth. Vanga dream book says that it warns about problems caused by considerable personal extravagance and improvidence in the past. Therefore, after this dream is worth paying attention to the committed expenditure, because they may exceed revenues due to carelessness of the person that will lead to financial difficulties and debts.

Also, another bad omen in a dream is when a person breaks the whole bottle of wine. This means the problems in the financial area, lack of money, debts and even poverty.

If you just drink wine in the dream in a circle of friends and relatives, it is a good sign that carries only joy, happiness and good luck.

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