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Wing - Meaning of Dream

If you refer to the new family dream book, you will find out that wings which grew on your back indicate your worries about close and dear people. Birds’ wings in your dream forebode that you can easily overcome all adversity and misfortune in life.

However, there are a lot of alternative interpretations of such dreams.

If you have wings in a dream, it states that you are unstable on your feet, and can’t live a safe life without someone’s support. If you are a person of high rank or position in society, such a dream promises that luck will no longer accompany you. For a common dreamer, the wings forebode the destruction of happiness, troubles, and opponents’ contempt.

Also, wings can be a source of inspiration, a muse. If you feel the wings behind your back, it bodes a fast and successful resolution of troubles. Creased, cast down wings signify that the soul of a dreamer is in anguish, and a person is no longer able to cope with it. Perhaps it is time to think about a vacation to relax, not only physically, but also morally. Our ancestors believed that the wings foreshadow wealth and well-being.

The ancient Maya believed that wings in a dream try to warn about possible attack. To protect yourself, you need to take a real wing, wrap it with your hair and burn at dawn.

A good interpretation of this dream – you will fall in love; so you need to find a white feather, and put it behind your ear.

Another interpretation of this dream is a feeling of flying, and spiritual freedom. A person is able to solve any problems without anyone’s help. A dream can be called a small separate life, in which the host is a human subconsciousness. This is a world in which a person has much more opportunities, more space, and there are no limits and boundaries. And still, some people compare a dream with a little death, and the kingdom of Morpheus, in which you get when dreaming - the parallel world, in which you are sent after death. The only thing which is known for sure is that a person belongs to the astral world when dreaming, and - real world when awake. Human dream is the subconscious signal for urgent actions, in order to make the wishes come true.