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Winter - Meaning of Dream

Winter symbol in your dreams has a wide range of meanings referring to your emotional and health conditions, relations with relatives/friends/colleagues, success at work, etc. Below you can learn them in details.

Winter landscapes are the symbols of disappointment, sadness, melancholy, dissatisfaction with current events. Your life is deprived of bright colors as winter. You must change something in your life. If you hate your job, quit. If you don’t have a hobby, find it. If there is a lack of indescribable emotions in your life, take a journey, do what you’ve never done before. The brightness of your life depends on you, and if you are really ready to brighten your dull existence up, then it will provide rainbow colors itself.

If you’re seeing winter in your dream, it threatens worsening of your health state. Apply to a doctor for a consultation and run all necessary medical examinations. In any case, they won’t be superfluous. If there is something you have to worry about, you will be able to avoid it easily. Just don’t shelve your visit to a doctor, if there are some concerns about your health.

Also, seeing winter in your dream may denote that you’re not satisfied with the results of your work. Something obviously has gone wrong. There even can be a period when you don’t see perspectives and sense in your efforts anymore. Don’t take such a situation too seriously. You’ve just fallen on evil days. Soon they will be gone. It may sound paradoxically, but they can be beneficial for you, if you change your attitude to them. Such a difficult situation in your life can be interpreted as a sign to try even harder not to stay at the same point all the time but to move forward.

Yet, there is a positive meaning of your winter dream. It symbolizes your pacification, shows that nothing disturbs you and everything is running its course.

If there are winter entertainments due to wonderful winter weather in your dream, it forebodes that you’ll be very successful in all your beginnings. Even if there are some difficulties on your way, you’ll masterly turn them into your advantages. So, if there are some thoughts about starting a new project or business on your mind, don’t hesitate! Make them real. There couldn’t be more favorable time for it!

Moreover, such a dream can also be a sign that you’re craving for unexpected changes. You feel that your life became tedious for you, all days are the same. Don’t wait! Diversify your life yourself! Take it under your control finally.

Seeing winter with abundant snow and high snowdrifts stands for welfare and prosperity.

But if there is sleety and rainy winter in your dream, it signifies complications in the relations with your family members and colleagues. Think what can provoke it and take corresponding measures to avoid this unpleasant situation.

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