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Witch - Meaning of Dream


Magicians, sorcerers, witches, are all mystical characters. Whether they exist in real life is a debatable question. But the fact that people see them in the dreams is undisputed. Let’s interpret some of the dreams associated with the witch.

For example, if you saw in a dream about an old, decrepit witch, try to pay as much attention to your appearance as possible. The same dream could mean that some mystical situation will happen in your life. In addition, the dream about witch as a main character can symbolize disappointment.

There are several interpretations of dreams about witches. If you see a witch performing her ritual, this dream means that you are insecure and don’t believe in own power. Most likely, you will soon try to resort to the help of some influential people.

If you dream about your wife being a witch, it means that your loved ones will attempt to prevent you from implementation of your plans. But do not pay attention to them, because this realization will bring considerable revenue.

After seeing a dream about a witch, try to avoid casual acquaintances or dating, and do not take hasty decisions. Otherwise, you will face troubles.

If you dreamed of a witch and perhaps more than one, it portends trouble at work and at home. You may have a scandal, which will be the reason of your excessive candor. To dream of a lot of witches means that you strive for feasts, and adventures. Because of this commitment, you can be seriously affected in financial sphere.

A dream in which you see the witch, symbolizes the fact that you will not give rein to your anger.

To dream of laughing witch, means that someone tries to make fun of you. However, the attempt will fail, but be careful.

If a witch is flying in a dream, it is likely that you will be able to avoid troubles. To dream of a witch who has a small stature, it symbolizes that many of you problems you exaggerate. In fact, they are not as global as you think.

If you dream that a witch is talking to you, it means that your enemies will try to deceive you. To dream of a dead witch, means that you can deal with all the problems and enemies will be left behind.

If you see that a witch is crying, it symbolizes the fact that you will manage to do what it seemed to be impossible.

In the dream you being attacked by witches, in reality you will have to solve the financial problems that will appear "out of the blue."

If a witch in a dream gives a potion to a girl, it means that she will soon meet a man who will be fascinated by her. However, she will not like him, and will try to avoid meetings with him.

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