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Woman - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a woman praying with devotion, it portends favorable good times. Pregnant woman promises pure joy; a lady in man’s costume bodes sensual passion.

If you dream of a large company of women of all ages, this dream foretells sorrow and sadness.

If you kissed an elderly woman, in reality you will earn a large sum of money. If you admired the beautiful young woman, it is a piece of advice: try to behave more sensibly, avoid frivolous actions, because it can cost you dearly.

If you had a nice conversation with a beautiful stranger, it portends an interesting acquaintance in reality.

A woman holding a child predicts the tranquility and peaceful family life.

If a man dreams of a red-haired woman - alas, but the love which he hoped for will become very fragile. If you are a woman, the same dream does not bode anything good. Very soon you might be entangled in the web of intrigue and gossip, and it will be very difficult to change the situation.

A dreaming of a woman with beautiful, long hair, tells that you don’t have any problems with health. For a sick person, this dream promises a speedy recovery.

If you see a charming brunette with blue eyes, it portends that you will not stand the pressure, refuse to continue the struggle and surrender to the mercy of the champions.

Blonde predicts interesting activities; black haired woman foretells squabbles and troubles.

If the woman in your dream had a catching laughter, it heralds that soon you will encounter a great pleasure.

If a man showed affection to an attractive woman, unfortunately his close friend might meanly deceive him.

If you encounter a woman wearing a white or black veil - get ready for very sad news.

Miller considered a woman in a dream as a herald of intrigues. If you had a big quarrel with a woman, it forebodes that you might become the innocent victim of a fraud. Most likely, someone cunning and guile can disrupt your plans.

If you dreamed of a beautiful woman with a Roman nose and brown eyes, in reality you risk being involved in legally questionable gamble. Red-haired beauty predicts unforeseen difficulties and problems which will make you worry. But blonde promises very pleasant activities and hobbies that fully fit your inclinations and temperament.