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Wood - Meaning of Dream

Wood symbolizes undertakings, the positive or negative outcome of which will depend on the condition and color of the trees in a dream. Thus, the dream about woods is interpreted in many ways. You first need to remember the details of a dream; in particular what trees you saw in the wood.

Young trees portend new beginnings and success in affairs, and old wood is the reflection of the old problems, however easy solvable at the moment. A dreaming of coniferous woods tells that you will have an infinite happiness and prosperity. In case you see a deciduous wood, it will bring you certain changes in life.

You need to interpret exactly what the woods mean, as it can help you in dealing with certain matters. Mixed wood foretells the conflicts and contradictions in the business. If you see yourself walking in the woods and enjoying the nature around, this may bode that your relatives, whom you didn’t see for a long time, will come to visit very soon.

If you cut wood in a dream, this is a herald of trouble, which you provoke; you may suffer a disease, because of ignoring the bad weather and not dressing up warmly. Or you may lose a big sum of money due to your negligence.

If you see burning wood in a dream, it forebodes the problems that require urgent solution, and you will be able to manage the situation.

Walking in the wood with a love partner is a sign of harmony and of emotional balance in the relationships with your sweetheart.

For a spinster, the wood bodes that a soul mate will appear in the life very soon. Moreover, the potential husband will be strong and healthy. For a young boy, the wood guarantees a pleasant trip, which will be full of new acquaintances.

For older people, the wood reflects the desire to go back to the roots; it is necessary to look through the old photos and call the children, take a step forward.

Dense wood in a dream foreshadows profitable matters that will help you achieving great success in business.

For kids, a dreaming about walking in the woods predicts the improvement of health and the immune system. If you see the woods where animals walk and birds sing, this dream tells that you are going to find common language with your enemies or competitors, and subsequently will become partners.

If you see the woods in which the trees fall, this is an indication of your hopes collapse; but as the forest heals itself, you will also find new ideas and bring them to life.