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Woodpecker - Meaning of Dream

If you happen to see a woodpecker in a dream, it heralds good events and favorable change in the destiny. If a woodpecker is seen by a person suffering from a disease, then a dreamer will soon recover.

If you did not see but only heard the sound of a bird drumming on wood, it foretells that your competitors have prepared an insidious deception for you. After this dream, carefully sign all business documents and do not take for granted the help of the strangers.

If a woodpecker past you by, in a dream book by Miller, it is interpreted as an omen for positive changes in life. If a woodpecker drilled a tree without stopping, this is a prediction, that you have enough assertiveness to get what you want. A goal that you have set will be achieved, no matter how difficult it can be.

Vanga interpreted a woodpecker among the branches as a herald of some unexpected news. It is likely that the news you will hear from a person whom you will meet for the first time in your life.

If you see an unusual woodpecker of a strange color or very huge beak, then this news will cause you a shock.

A hollow where you see a woodpecker bodes an unpleasant duty to inform your relatives about the bad events. You do not want to disappoint them, but you have no choice.

If you hear the sound of woodpecker’s beak on the wood, it is an unfavorable dream predicting unpleasant events associated with all sorts of intrigues on the part of your enemies.

Woodpecker in Freud's dream book symbolizes the perseverance of dreamer’s sexual partner, who is able to do anything just to realize own violent fantasies. This dream indicates that all disagreements of a dreamer are groundless. This dream is a reason to wonder why he/she behaves in such a way. Probably the thing is that you support such relationships. Moreover, the behavior of your partner usually brings you great pleasure. After this dream, you should consider whether to resist or to accept the sensual pleasures.