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Wreath (Crown / Diadem) - Meaning of Dream

Fresh flowers wreath in a dream means that life will give you a lot of opportunities to improve own wellbeing.

A wreath of withered flowers warns of possible diseases.

To see bride’s wreath is a very auspicious sign, because it means the favorable resolution of the most confusing and hopeless affairs.

Wreath means fame, success in business; made of leaves - honor and glory; of flowers - love anxiety; myrtle - happiness in love and marriage; on the coffin - the inheritance; laying of wreath - you will have twins; carry a wreath - honor, glory, happiness; oak wreath– winning.

To throw a wreath into the water means a long life. If it drowns, burns, or fades you will bitterly regret for having done something wrong.

If you lose your wreath, you will be ashamed; to wear it on the head - wedding happiness; weave – recovery from disease; a wreath of blackthorn –you will attain greatness and glory.

A wreath made of fresh cut flowers means that soon you will have a rare opportunity to supplement the family budget: the money will just flow into your hands.

If a wreath faded you need to save love at all costs. For those who are not yet in love, it means that you have to pay more attention to own health.

If a young woman dreams that she holds or tries on the bride's wreath, it portends her speedy deliverance from trouble and difficulties associated with some tedious and unpleasant business.

If you have fresh and bright Dahlia wreath, it means that soon fate will smile to you, and you can easily get to any business. Reed or bamboo wreath means nothing except successful steps on the way to happiness.

Crown is a symbol of power, impermanence, patronage, envy.

If you try on a wreath in a dream, it means that you doubt the correctness of own decisions.

To see a royal crown on own head in a dream is a sign that means disasters and poverty. Beware of imaginary friend.

A dream in which you see a man with a crown on his head means friendship and patronage of a wealthy and influential man.

If a wreath falls of the head, it means intrigue and jealousy of detractors.

If you see a crown with precious stones, it means that you will achieve the power in society.

In a dream interpreter a crown or wreath of flowers is a good sign and portends great pleasure and success in the enterprise of a dreamer.

The wreath of yellow violets marks disease and a great misfortune to all.

The wreath of palm tree or myrtle, for single people - portends marriage; for married - promises healthy children. Generally, it should be noted that all of these diadems are favorable and portend happiness, what in this world should be.

Laurel and oak wreath is a sign of honors and respect, acquisition and exaltation of glory.

For single and unmarried people, crown of gold - promises marriage; for married people – it means death. Such a dream is unfavorable for poor people; for rich – it threats with disease.

A crown of silver for anyone is not good. For ill people – it is a sign of death; for healthy people – is a prognostic of disease and tears.

If a wreath made of iron or steel, it portends trouble, work and problems.

A wreath of ivy means acquisition with a stranger and possible friendship; it is generally a sign of harmony, reconciliation and mutual admiration.

A wreath of grapevines, for people trading wines, portends profitable sales of their goods, the acquisition of lucre; but for other people this dream is unfavorable, it portends illness from drinking and misfortune.

A wreath made of paper portends unfavorable litigation, quarrel and whistleblowing or slandering.

A wreath made of foil or fake flowers, mica and tinsel means deception, false friends and displeasure.