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Wrestling - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a wrestling between two strong contenders which you observe from a safe distance, it is a sign that you did not set your priorities in life. You are wasting your energy, time and money on questionable entertainment, rather than engage in useful affairs. This dream could mean that soon you will be tempted to buy expensive, but unnecessary thing. You should refrain from unjustified acquisition, as it can seriously undermine your financial condition.

If you take part in wrestling with someone, it means that in the near future you will be in a serious trouble, and on the way to the target you will encounter unexpected obstacles. If you lose the fight, it means that in reality you will not be able to cope with problems and will give up fast. But a dream where you're a winner in a fair wrestling is symbol of the fact that in life you will overcome all difficulties and succeed in all undertakings.

Wrestling in which you took part in the dream book by Miller is a sign that some difficulties may arise in the most important matters. You will also encounter problems in communicating with colleagues and business partners. However, if you manage to win in wrestling, then in reality you will solve all the problems and reach your goal.

For business people a dream about wrestling is a bad sign that promises conflicts with staff and partners that will result in crumbing the deal and losing profits.

If you dream that you were seriously injured in the wrestling, in reality you will have significant material and financial losses. Your well-being in the near future can deteriorate, you will feel the confusion, and fear of new beginnings.

To observe wrestling from the outside indicating that you are currently wasting your time and money; instead of the expected profit, the business which you are involved in, will only bring losses.

In the dream you observe wrestling competition, this dream tells you, that you direct your energy incorrectly.

You fight on a prize-ring, and forces are not equal, in the end your competitor wins – such a dream has a good meaning.

If your competitor in wrestling is a woman, it is a bad sign, you will meet with losses and your self-respect will suffer.