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Y - Meaning of Dream


A dream with letter Y or combination of letters may have the following variations. A combination of a few letters is unclear: it may be a danger of your plans collapse due to the actions of enemies or the possibility of forgery.

If a letter Y is written in a dream in unusual alternative way, it is the possibility of a favorable change, the implementation of plans and desires, and complete disclosure and demonstration of the creativity.

If a letter Y is hard to read, and moreover it is foreign for you, it indicates the deficit of information which may help you to make important decisions in the future.

If you see a combination of letters together with letter Y, which you can’t put down in words, it is a sign of possible danger in the near future, and the likelihood of a risk is quite high.

Writing letters in alphabetical order in a dream means that you will be able to accomplish your plans, and fix things, which no one can stop. If you write letters in alphabetical order – you will be able to arrange all your deals and you will reach order in everything. If you write it in non-alphabetical order – it is a warning: you have to be more cautious in affairs and actions.

Letter Y in the dream can be interpreted as some news which a dreamer will receive or a correspondence with somebody.

If you see letter Y on a page you will receive new information, which you never know before.

Dreaming of Y among other Latin letters means that you have to be ready for a trick from your relatives or close ones.

If you see yourself writing letter Y, it means that in real life you will be infatuated with something.

Dreaming where you learn letter Y – is a sign of improvement of your material wellbeing.

In the dream you see absolutely unknown letters – in real life you will have to manage problems, without having necessary knowledge.

If you are unable to read letter Y – be cautious, you might suddenly have unexpected troubles. Pay attention to people, whose names start with this letter.

In the dream you diligently draw first letter of your partner’s name, it means that subconsciously you wait for his/her attention. This dream is a sign of your perplexity, because you can’t invent how to receive favor, love and attention of your present helpmeet.

If you see a nonsense set of letters – it is a hint that you are confused in making decisions and you can’t evaluate the situation correctly.

If you write big printed letter Y, it means that somebody doesn’t believe in success of your affair, because they consider it to be strange. Anyways you will reach the results you want.

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