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Yacht - Meaning of Dream


Yacht is a symbol of travel and adventure, fulfillment of hidden desires. This could also be a romantic getaway or imposing holiday where you sip a cocktail while lying in the sun and sailing through the waves of the sea.

Yacht symbolizes wealth and luxury. It is not a fragile fishing boat on which you should work hard. This type of transport almost always has a cozy cabin where you can relax in peace away from the busy world. While this little room always has a bar full of expensive drinks.

If you see yourself on a yacht, sailing in a tempting distance - you'll be traveling, and some vitally important event will happen in your life during this period. Actually yacht is a romantic symbol. It means that you will relax and explore the unknown country with a person that is dear to you. Cheerful, joyful vacation away from everyday life and annoying employees is waiting for you.

If you see how your boat is washed ashore, or it runs aground it is a bad sign. It portends troubles on your way, and they can be not only small, but also significant. If you dreamed of a yacht with sails on a calm sunny day, your mood will not be overshadowed by anything. This may be a sign of a new upcoming love infatuation for somebody.

The condition of a yacht in your dream reflects the mood your soul will be absorbed in. Pay close attention whether everything is in order with a yacht: if it has any breakages, damages, the paint peels off and sails are torn, if it stands still and doesn’t drive with the weather – all of it is all very good sign.

Yacht in the modern dream book is not just a good sign, but also a symbol of unexpected joy and merry mood. In the near future you will not be charged with any issues and concerns; you will experience a joyful recreation and relaxation everyday life.

If you see yourself onboard of a yacht it is a sign of a pleasant holiday with a fascinating journey. Large yacht symbolizes family welfare, career growth and stable financial profit. Yacht, in the dream book by Miller, which sails under the scorching sunshine, is a sign that you will successfully cope with the upcoming business and get a well-deserved praise or cash bonus at work.

If you clean a yacht, it means the arrival of guests from afar.

Yacht, in the dream book by Vanga, which got into a storm, is a sign of a hazard. Your carelessness can lead to your injury or major breakdowns of your property. Sail on a yacht on the sea is a sign that your life soon will be full of significant events.

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