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Yell - Meaning of Dream

General yell of a person in a dream predicts questionable sense of pleasure that can plunge you into deep depression. If you hear the cry of the suffering, then you might encounter many small chores and worries. Fortunately, due to the inherent caution you can to concentrate and quickly manage your disordered affairs.

If you dreamed of a loud yell of a person calling out for help, and you recognize the voice - this dream foretells serious illness of this person. Cry of surprise foretells that all of a sudden you will get a substantial financial reward. Yelling and howling of wild animals predicts unhappiness with your close friend or relative.

Screams and moaning in Miller’s dream book predicts the concerns and caution against imprudent actions. If you clearly see a screaming person, most likely, you got involved in some shady deal and you have fear to reveal this to your loved ones. Woman's cry is a harbinger of unexpected losses. Screams animal forebode noisy feast with friends, fun antics and loss of things, which however, will show up almost instantly.

If you dreamed of a terrible blood-curdling yell, it means that you should definitely visit the graves of loved ones. If you hear own screams, it predicts an accident, in which you can get seriously injured. If you loudly called someone, it indicates your strong need to see this person and provide him/her with care, affection and support.

Freud interpreted yell of fear as upcoming fireworks of passion that will diversify your sexual life, which has been routine and monotonous for a long time. You will experience the almost forgotten emotions and get real pleasures.

If you dream that you heard muffled screams coming from a far distance, it means that in the foreseeable future you will have to solve other people's problems. It is not excluded that this will affect your interests.

If you woke up because of own scream, it shows that your mind is in an excited state. Try to identify and eliminate the cause of your troubles.