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Yellow - Meaning of Dream


Mostly, a yellow color is a positive one. It is associated with the Sun, warmth, light and summer. This color is energetic, inspiring and sunny. It pushes into actions. But its meaning differs from one country to another all around the world. It depends on the traditions of a particular people and its world view that has been building during centuries:

This color facilitates to concentrate our attention and develop our memory. It is a proven fact already. That’s why it is recommended to conduct classes in the rooms with yellow walls. Efficiency of pupils will be higher.

There is a range of characteristics of the people who prefer yellow. They are joyful, self-confident, honest, straightforward, determined, have mother wit and listen to their intuition.

However, there are always two sides of the same coin. Such people are not perfect, they surely possess negative traits of character too. They can be mordant, sarcastic, talkative, absent-minded, inclined to judging other people.

An interpretation of a dream in which yellow is prevailing is not univocal.

For a man it can foreshadow a meeting with an interesting woman. There are high chances that she will turn his world upside-down.

Yellow petals of flowers can indicate that someone has hidden thoughts towards you. Don’t be upset! These thoughts aren’t necessarily bad! Also, yellow flowers are the symbol of breaking up with your beloved. At the same time they betoken help and support from the people who surround you when you need it. Be grateful and let them see your appreciation.

If you are walking with yellow flowers in your hands in a dream, it is a favorable sign. It signifies that a series of misfortunes is already behind. Good luck will face you very soon. So, start bringing to life what you couldn’t dare before. Be sure in your success, and things will sort themselves out.

You’ll be successful if you are seeing a yellow fabric in your dream. The opposite meaning has a dream with yellow leaves. It threatens with a failure of all your plans. Don’t give up! Our fate is in our hands. Do your best to prove that this interpretation is not effective.

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