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Yolk - Meaning of Dream

Yolk is a symbol of a new life. If in a dream you see how the yolk is separated from the white of the egg, it may be a harbinger of future quarrels in the family.

If you make the eggnog in a dream (whisking egg yolks with sugar), it is a harbinger of the approaching holiday in a company of relatives and loved ones.

If the egg was broken, but you didn’t see the yolk, this dream tells that you might face the defeat in the development of business as a result of your shortsightedness and recklessness.

In case you dream as if a baby eats the yolk, it tells that you are worried a lot about the health of the child.

If you eat boiled eggs in a dream, and see that yolks have very unusual yellow color, it is a harbinger of the jaundice disease.

If you cook an omelet only with egg yolks, it portends upcoming problems in the family life, on temporary troubles at work.

If you dreamed of a dried egg yolk, it foretells the future health problems.

Seen yolk in a dream tells about dreamer’s indefinite attitude towards people or certain subjects.

If you break an egg without a yolk, you have to be ready for problems in business. This happens due to the fact that a dreamer doesn’t think thought the details. If a woman happened to see such a dream, she might have a nasty scene of jealousy caused by her frivolous behavior.

If you whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, it portends a well-deserved reward for your work. If you separate the components of the eggs from each other, it heralds the beginning of the trial or divorce.

In a milder interpretation it simply symbolizes the showdown between the spouses. A young girl after such a dream may lose her beloved one because of own vagaries.

Boiled yolk may signal of a miscarriage or an abortion.