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Zebra - Meaning of Dream


Zebra in the modern dream book. Zebra in a dream represents our life, it also has the same stripes: black stripes, failures constantly replaced by white stripes, wins and only we make a choice, on which of the stripes it is worth to stop. Therefore, if you dreamed of a zebra, you should remember that life gives you a chance to choose what suits you more. To dream of a zebra, which walks around on the open area, it is a sign of full independent management of own fate: whatever choice you make, you certainly can reach goals. If your dream of a zebra in a nature reserve or zoo, in real life you will not be able to make a correct choice: you will fully depend on the people around you, their opinions and decisions.

Zebra in Miller dream book. If you see that zebra runs away from you in a dream, it's a good sign, you will be able to resist all the temptations and tribulations that make life better, but it is also very risky. Therefore, if someone offers you some doubtful business, it is better to avoid it. At this period of time you will be able to make correct decisions, which is useful particularly for your life. So, there is no need to listen to other people saying that you are doing something wrong. Their perception is different, and if you listen to them after such dream, you might harm the outcome of your future life.

Zebra in the dream book of Vanga. Dead zebra in the dream, it is a symbol that you step on difficult and thorny path which will be very difficult to manage, because of the constant bad luck. You will find your self walking along the black stripe. Be patient: this period will not be too long and white stripe will be back into your life. If you see zebra running round you in the dream, it is a sign of danger: Use extreme caution in the coming days, especially on the road.

Zebra in Freud's dream book. Zebra in the dream always portends impermanence of your sexual partner. His instability leads to the fact that you live like on a volcano: today your relationships are full of idyll and tomorrow scandal flares up for no particular reason. Moreover, in an intimate relationship there is a complete harmony, but for a long time it can not be spread to other areas. If you see yourself taking care for zebra in the dream, and you feel surprised about it, the dream indicates you hesitation with the complex choice between two fans. The main thing is not to hurry and to listen to the inner voice, in order not to be mistaken.

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