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Zip line (Rope) - Meaning of Dream

A dreamer will have to overcome various obstacles in business, if he/she dreamed of a zip-line. In addition, in romantic relationship he/she will face uncertainty. If in a dream you climb up the rope, it tells that in reality you will not stop before any barriers. Despite the intrigues of competitors, you will successfully finish the job; the same interpretation in a dream about tearing the rope.

If you go down the zip-line, you will be disappointed with something a lot. Probably, you will look at your life from a different perspective, and all what mattered to you, will be utterly worthless.

If you tie the ends of the rope, this dream tells that you have the power and the ability to influence people. If you walk on a tightrope, it tells that in real life you can become a member of an extremely dubious adventure. If you jump over the rope, nothing will be able to surprise you. If you are bound with a rope, it tells that love fantasies suppress your mind.

In Miller’s dream book a sling is evidence of the difficulties that will appear in dreamer’s life. If you climb up the sling - you will be stronger than your enemies. If you go down – all your interests will change dramatically.

If you see people walking on the tightrope, you will be able to benefit from someone’s adventurism. If you are walking on the tightrope, your risk will be justified. If you stumbled over the rope, it signifies that you treat people kindly, but only when you have a good mood.

If you throw a sling out of the window for other people to climb up, this dream tells that your friends will stand against your participation in shady enterprise. For a woman, this dream predicts questionable entertainment and unlawful enjoyment.

In Vanga’s dream book if you hung over a bottomless pit, holding by a rope, this dream tells that you'll be a lucky person. Despite many dangers that will appear in your life, you will be able to succeed. If you catch up on the rope, you will have a good career. If you are involved in a tug of war, then you will be engaged in a stiff competition or confrontation with your rivals.

A zip-line in Freud’s dream book symbolizes the strength of intimate connection. If the rope hangs from the ceiling, the dream bodes common language with partner in sexual relationships. If you dream of a tightrope walker, who easily performs a complex trick, it tells that you are confident in your sexual attractiveness, while your partner does not share your confidence. To achieve greater harmony in the relationship, you should discuss this topic with him.

If you climb up the rope - you have a tendency to experiment with various innovations in sexual life, although it can be surprising for your partner. Probably, it will be easier to understand the desires of each other, if you go back to more traditional methods of obtaining satisfaction. If you fall down the zip-line, it signals of your extremist nature.