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Zombie - Meaning of Dream

Before you check the interpretation of dreams about zombies, you should understand who it is. Would it be scary for you to live after such a dream? What if zombie attacks you? First you need to understand that zombie is not an animal, though it has beastly behavior; in fact, zombies are alive corpses, creepy character of many thrillers and horror movies. In voodoo cult, a wizard takes a dead person and reanimates it to perform specific tasks, which it (corpse) does inspired by the magic of the sorcerer. It is not known whether there are actual zombies or these are just fictions and horror stories.

A dream, in which zombies scare you with own appearance without attacking or harming you, signifies that you are deadly tired, you are concerned about something, and therefore wait for some kind of trouble.

Most likely, your excited and tired brain just needs a rest, tranquility and serenity. This dream is a signal, the call of the body for you to stop tormenting it with own worries. Zombie symbolizes aggressive and unwelcome intrusion into your psyche, your soul. There is such a concept as “zombieing”. Perhaps someone is trying to program and zombie your mind to manipulate you for own purposes. You need to analyze your circle of contacts, to identify these people, and to protect yourself from their presence in your life.

It is possible that together with the revival of the dead, revived your fears and complexes, unpleasant situations, bad habits, negative emotions and stress.

Again, you need to understand whether this interpretation is true, whether recently such problems arose. It is necessary to listen to reason, calm own anxiety, and nightmares about zombies won’t appear again.

It is useless to seek for the interpretation of a dream about zombies in the ancient dream books. This is quite modern phenomenon. Perhaps people simply stay to long in front of the computer, play all sorts of games and do not have enough sleep. A dream about zombies is just a consequence of overwork. In this case, you need to get distracted from the monitor more often.

A dreaming about zombies is a sign that in real life you take a step back, returning to the forgotten period that was long time forgotten. One of the unfinished business and troubles may suddenly reappear and remind about itself. If you dream as if zombies attack you, it bodes that you will once again go through the previous errors. It is too bad if you have started new business in reality, because a dream about zombies limits its potential. It would seem like someone forcibly takes away all your power and energy.