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Zoo - Meaning of Dream


A zoo as an element of your dreams mostly refers to your private life.

If in your dream you’re in a zoo having a good look at animals, it betokens that you’ll face some serious troubles. They will be rather difficult for you to solve. You’ll fall into that trap because of yourself. Probably, you’ll make a mistake and will try to correct it desperately. Be cautious in your decisions! Weigh all pros and cons before taking actions. It may happen that you’ll need to ask for advice or help. In any case, don’t leave this problem as it is because sooner or later it’ll catch up with you. It can lead to hardship both in your business and family.

Yielding to your child’s persuasion to go on the excursion to a zoo designates that you’re devoting little attention to your family. There are moments when they really need it but don’t get. Maybe you have to lighten a little bit your work schedule to spend more time with your relatives.

A dream in which you’re visiting a zoo is an unfavorable sign for you. It foretokens anxiety, disappointment and annoyance. Be attentive, especially at work because there is a danger to lose everything you’ve gained working hard. Don’t relax. Fly high. Remember that there is always room for perfection. Along with the work, try to improve your private life. Additional attention to your dear people lives won’t ever be out of place. Maybe you need to diversify your relations a little. Invent pleasant and joyful pastime for all of you, make unexpected surprises, go on a journey, etc.

Also, visiting a zoo may indicate that soon you’ll appear in a company, members of which will behave unduly familiarly with you. Don’t go around with the people you hardly know. At least do it in the company of your good, reliable friend because there can be more dangerous and unpredictable situation than you think.

If you’re living in a zoo in your dream, it is an obvious signal that you’re extremely dissatisfied with your living conditions and the surrounding people. Catch each opportunity to change the situation for the better. Perhaps, you have to move, switch job or leave the people you don’t see you future with. All the same sooner or later you’ll lose your patience. Make more efforts to change your way of life profoundly, be more decisive and brave. But firstly, set you goals firmly.

If in your dream you’re seeing that the animals are escaping it, it implies that you’ll yield to some temptation. You’ll have to pay for your little weakness in the future.

A zoo in your dream also shows that you don’t treat your present boyfriend/girlfriend seriously. You’re sure that he/she is temporary. Your boyfriend/girlfriend presents you only hours of joy. You think that considering him/her as your future spouse isn’t a good idea. But don’t jump to conclusions! Give him/her an opportunity to open up. Such a hasty decision can ruin not only his/her life, but you’ll also deeply regret about this later.

Being in a zoo and feeding animals there in a dream refers to welfare and happiness in your family life.