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Horoscope for October: Gemini

October 2014 is the most successful month for the representatives of Gemini zodiac sign. Now the stars are definitely favorable to you and you have chances to demonstrate your abilities. Your actions will be distinguished by commitment and extraordinary perseverance. To achieve your goal you will be ready for many things, including sacrificing of dear relationship.

In any case, horoscope advises you not to get carried away, and think carefully before making decisions and acting, because you might affect the interests of others. In addition, it will be useful to take criticism of others into account and try not to react to it negatively.

In love relationships this month will be favorable and you may hope for pleasant surprises. For Gemini, this will be a period of love and romance, and those who want to finally find true feelings, will be able to fulfill this wish. Love horoscope for Gemini says that October will be quite turbulent and eventful.

If you don’t have a partner now, you will still be able to succeed in love; you can make new acquaintances which can grow into a strong love relationship in the future. Now you have the chance to recall the mistakes of the past and try to avoid it, by resuming your actions you will be able to be more successful. It is very important to carefully consider everything before acting, do not hurry to make decisions.

If your close relationships have already been established, then you should not put pressure on your soul mate and impose your opinion. Now you are advised to wait for a bit and then see how to realize your ideas and have a happy union. If you have family for a long time, then your relationships will develop and you will restore the passionate feelings. You will become more attentive with your loved one and will show more love to him/her. However, you still need to monitor the overall atmosphere in the family and in the event of a conflict you should try to liquidate it originally, in order to avoid sudden and unexpected consequences.

Career and finance horoscope for Gemini states that October will distinguish itself with business activity. Now you will try to keep everything under control and tend to occupy a leading position. If you are interested in the promotion, then you will try to be engaged in cooperation and will improve your business communication. For the sake of developing relations, you will certainly need to repeatedly go on business trips which can bring positive results.

If you are a businessman, then this period will surprise you with the number of partners and the amount of orders, which, accordingly, should help to increase revenues. If you are currently looking for a job, then you have a chance to find a fairly high-paying job, and maybe even at home - it will give you the opportunity to plan your working day independently.

While managing your business duties, stars recommend you to pay enough attention to details, as they will be very significant. But no matter how successful your activity is, still this month may strike you with financial instability. Try to plan the budget for the entire month, so you can cope with all future expenses.

Gemini health horoscope says that physical condition of the representatives of this zodiac sign is unlikely to cause concern. But it is necessary to pay more attention to own peace of mind, because now there is a risk of nervous breakdown. At this time you are advised to seek for all possible ways to support the normal state of your psychics.