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Horoscope for October: Leo

October for the representatives of Leo zodiac sign will be a fussy month, but at the same time it will be successful. At work you you can count on the achievement of good results; you also will be pleased in personal life. This time will give you the opportunity to express yourself, and if you are a creative person, you will be able to demonstrate your best skills.

For those of you, who hope to increase own social status, this month will be the moment of glory - the fate will give you a chance to gain authority. But do not forget that Lady Luck is very changeable and its support is very easy to lose. Therefore, this month you should not always rely on fortuity, it is better to rely on own strength. If you do not get too proud of yourself because of own success and behave modestly, then surely your progress will be more visible and you will be attractive to other people.

In love relationships in October Leo will demonstrate creativity and originality, and these features will surely charm the beloved one. In October 2014 love relationships and family will be a timely and important topic for people of Leo zodiac sign. The thing is that now there is a possibility of difficulties emergence, and you will need to make an effort to cope with them. Horoscope recommends you to set your mind into a positive direction, not to criticize your loved ones and soul mates, giving them enough attention. With such behavior you will be able to normalize the situation in the family, and enjoy the peace and quiet in the house.

Also for the sake of family well-being you would better think about equipping a home and establishing a life. Try to create a comfortable home atmosphere, buy new furniture or make repairs if necessary. If you are alone now, in October you should be vigilant, since at this time you risk meeting with the cheater, or unreliable and frivolous person. Therefore, it is desirable not to rush and fear the development of new relationship, in order not to regret later on.

Career and finance horoscope for Leo in October says that the representatives of this zodiac sign will have to put a lot of effort and pay attention to the professional field of activity. This month, you will not have time for relaxation and laziness, but in turn this will allow you to achieve the best possible results. Now you can get a proposal for a high-paid and prestigious position or even change your place of work.

Stars warn you that at this time it will be important for you to take care of yourself while maintaining the image of a competent and trustworthy person and for sure you will then be able to realize all your plans. Those of you who aspire to career development should use every opportunity to prove that you are a real professional. You can go a good way, if applying maximum efforts.

If you are not interested in moving up the career ladder, in October you are advised to engage in developing relationships with your colleagues and restoring order at your working place. Your financial situation will remain stable this month, because everything will proceed in accordance with the plan and surprises are not expected.

Horoscope for health in October says that Leo zodiac sign representatives should be careful, especially those whose work is associated with risk. You may encounter dangerous machines, pesticides, or working on a construction site. You need to show not only extreme caution, but vigilance. Yet in general, October 2014 will be quite calm, and in this regard you won’t have any particular health problems.