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Horoscope for October: Virgo

Astrological forecast for the representatives of Virgo zodiac sign in October notes that at this time you will be characterized by such features as mysteriousness and inscrutability. It is possible that this will play into the hands of you in some situations, but such behavior is unlikely to cause a delight at home or with work colleagues. Your excessive uncertainty and ambiguity may involve problems in the business world, and in loving relationship. Therefore, this month you need to change your image by adding the qualities required by everyday activities, such as reliability or originality.

Horoscope also notes that, in this period, you should be ready for a lot of amorous adventures. It may happen that they will be short-termed, but they will certainly leave some pleasant memories. If you are determined and want serious relationships, then you should show it to your partner immediately. Love horoscope for Virgo in October says that private relations will develop quite well. First of all, it should be noted that you will be able to obtain satisfaction from the relationship provided that there will be an interesting person next to you. The new relationship must develop into a long affair, if you feel comfortable and receive enough emotion. Secretiveness and a lack of initiative of your new partner can repel you from each other and quickly dispel your interest to him/her.

If you and your sweetheart are together for quite a long time, the stars strongly advise you to support your loved one and take an active part in his/her life without claiming anything. In family you also do not need to consider yourself to be better than your partner, or persuade him/her to make an important decision or to impose own views. Give him/her some time, and he/she will decide how to behave correctly.

In the professional activity in October success awaits only those representatives of Virgo zodiac sign whose work brings them moral satisfaction, and who perform their duties with dedication and quite independent in terms of own point of view. But still you are advised not to hide anything from your boss, and demonstrate clarity and consistency in your actions.

Horoscope advises you to avoid excessive arrogance in relationship with surrounding, because only work with team-oriented colleagues can bring you good results. In general, it will be easy for you to find a common language with your colleagues and acquire new useful interesting contacts. You can also easily stand out of the herd, and your management and boss will pay more attention to your new projects and brilliant ideas. But if you’ve planed something big, consider carefully your work flow and avoid rush in its implementation. Try to rely more on common sense and don’t be original.

In addition to management of new business affairs, you will have a chance to settle own financial matters. At this time you can expect to receive additional income, for example, due to your investments or real estate transactions.

No matter how important the work for the representatives of Virgo zodiac sign is, in October they should not forget to take care about own health. At this time, you might catch some new diseases or experience the aggravation of old ones. Be alert, and immediately contact your doctor with the first symptoms of malaise.